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Simple coaxial episcopic illumination microscope.  (Production to order)

Microscope for Monitor
[End of sales]
SKM-Z220C-HD is not produced anymore. July 2017

Simple coaxial episcopic illumination microscope.
SKM-Z220C-HD is microscope for monitors.
It's connected to a high‐definition television directly and you can observe beautiful images.
It is clearer 3 times than old style TV( compared to our company's products).
Very good for visual inspection.
x6 optical zoom lens is mounted and continuously adjustable from x92 to x552 magnification.(working distance is 60mm)
And, when conversion lens(x0.5 or x2.0) attached, magnification is x46 to x1104.(Working distance is 110mm or 26mm)

  • x6 optical zoom lens is mounted and magnification is x92 to x552
  • The conversion lens x0.5 for exclusive use.(It isn't included in the price)
  • Working distance is 60mm
  • A mechanical variable stop is mounted.
  • It's Strong because of made in Japan.

SKM-Z220C-HD of Standard contents

Zoom lens(SKL-Z220C)
High definition camera
AC/DC adapter for HD Camera
Long stand(SKS-ST100A)
Coarse and micromotion holder(SKS-HOLD-B)
Coaxial episcopic spot illumination with adjustable power unit
* Cable for image output is not attached.
Match cable is needed.
We are selling it, please ask us it.


  • conversion lens(x0.5)

    conversion lens(x0.5)
    used:working distance 110mm

  • conversion lens(x2.0)

    conversion lens(x2.0)
    used : working distance 26mm

*Conversion lenses are not included in the price.
Image sonsor
1/3 inch square pixel SXGA Colour CCD
Resolution 1280(H)*720(V)
Scan mode Progressive
Video output Based on DVI 1.0(Connected by HDMI connector)
Power supply +9 to +15Vdc(Typical:+12Vdc)
Optic part Optical zoom type(x1-x6)
Stand  Stand with focus adjustment(coarse and micromotion), Long stand
Stand, soft cover

The specification is as of October 2015. The specification may be changed without notice.

Optical magnification Magnification in 20-inch monitor (WXGA++) * Range of observation(mm)
1.0 92 4.8x2.7
2.0 184 2.4x1.35
3.0 276 1.6x0.9
4.0 368 1.2x0.675
5.0 460 0.96x0.54
6.0 552 0.8x0.45
*WXGA++(1280x720P) output is needed.
Working Distance : 60mm   
conversion lens x0.5 used:working distance 110mm (x46-x276 magnification on monitor)
conversion lens x2.0 used:working distance 26mm (x184-x1104 magnification on monitor)
*Conversion lenses are not included in the price. 

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