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Microscope for monitor variable magnification type

Microscope for Monitor

SKM-S10B-TV is microscope for TV.
0.41 million pixels of image sensor is mounted, and beautiful images are on screens.
Pictures moving are very smooth.
It is the best microscope for lines in factories.

  • Continuously adjustable from x100 to x200. (On a 15-inch liquid crystal display monitor)
  • Observation is as very easy as watching television.
  • Using is easy, because of the long working distance.
  • High resolution 0.41 million pixels CCD.
  • The blue bodies are durable.
  • The stand that is attached is stable.

SKM-S10B-TV of Standard contents

SKM-S10B-TV body with AC/DC adapter
Stand with coarse holder
Cable for image output
Diffusion filter

  • Watching and working

    Watching and working

  • Brightness Adjustment Light Switch

    Brightness Adjustment Light Switch

  • Built-in lighting (White LED)

    Built-in lighting (White LED)
    A diffusion filter is attached

  • Magnification and operation range viewing window.

    Magnification and operation range viewing window.
    Clickable on every magnification

Magnification Range of observation(mm) Working distance(mm)
x200 1.5x1.1 30
x140 2.1x1.6 34
x100 3.0x2.2 40
x80 3.7x2.8 45
x50 6.0x4.5 60
x30 10x7.5 88
x20 15x11.2 121
x10 30x22.5 224
Magnification :  Magnifications are on a 15-inch liquid crystal display monitor.
Range of observation :  The maximum range that can be observed.
Working distance :  The distance of scope and the subject to be observed.

Can be changed into things that below.(Please ask about price)


    A long stroke holder with coarse and micromotion movement for focus adjustments.
    When changing magnification adjusting
    magnification is easier, because the stroke is 80mm.
    Can be used a coarse or a micromotion movement.
    (Standard holder of stroke: 35mm)

  • SKS-AS200C

    Microscope can be inclined
    Angle stage
    example of combination
    Good to see from aslant.
    Can use a holder that is attached.
    Please consult aboutcombination.

We have the other accessories.
Signaling System NTSC method and RCA video output
Shooting device 1/4 inch CCD Image sensor(interline)
Pixels Effective pixels 768(H)x494(V)  Total pixels 410,000
Power supply input DC 5V±0.2V  0.4A  Using accessory of AC adapter.
Light source Super high intensity white LED with light adjustment.
Optic part Continous valiable magnification system
Stand Stand with focus adjustment, Standard stand
Accesorry AC adapter, Didiffusion filter, Video cable, Soft cover

The specification is as of May 2017. The specification may be changed without notice.

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